"Send feedback" flow is now even easier to use
What changed
When users hit the "stop recording" button they won't have to review their feedback recording anymore.
Instead they'll have to confirm they want to stop their recording and send you their feedback. Once they hit stop, their feedback will get automatically uploaded.
Why did we make this change?
Some of our users reported that a review step can lead to confusion and loss of feedback. Asking testers to review their recording creates confusion since they can feel that they recording is not good enough. By removing this step, we make it even easier for them to send you their feedback by having one less decision to take.
Here is how it looks like 👇
Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 14
New Scenario Templates
We just shipped a new cool feature that will help you ask for better feedback from your users!
How? By selecting a template when you create a new scenario to test.
This way you can save time and also get inspiration on what questions to ask your users when testing your prototypes.
Here is how it works in 56 seconds 👇
A Shinny New Website
Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 15
We spent a few weeks to improve how we present Thinkoutloud. This is the first interaction all of our users have and having a solid UX matters.
We now communicate in a clear way:
  • What Thinkoutloud does
  • For who it's built for
  • What you can test with it
  • The design tools that are supported
  • How much it costs
  • Who is the team behind it
Our new website is more fun and lively, and it puts more focus on all the cool stuff you can test with Thinkoutloud.
Go check it out at thinkoutloud.io! (make sure to log out first)
Jim & Scott